First-Gen Longhorns

Dr. Brad Love smiling, wearing a light button down with subtle grid design and lanyard.

Meet Brad Love, Ph.D.

June 17, 2024,

Dr. Love is an associate professor in the Stan Richards School of Advertising and Public Relations and the associate director of the Center for Health Communications. He shared how being first-generation informs his experience as a faculty member.

What is your first-gen super power? 
My first-gen superpower is the ability to perspective-take. I certainly have more room to grow with this skill, but one thing being new to university life taught me was that I needed to intentionally tune into what was happening around me with a sensitive radar to pick up cues and subtleties that others may have received just as part of their upbringing. 

How has being first-gen followed you after graduating from college? 
Being first-gen has followed me in everything I do, particularly in how I try to attend to and tune into situations in ways that create open doors for others and recognize how spaces can be more inclusive and accepting of superpowers derived from [others’] lived experiences. 

What advice would you give current First-Gen Longhorns? 
Remember you belong here. You can do this, and it is useful to develop the skill of asking for help along the way. Benefit from your teachers’ willingness to help, get tutoring, reach out to start the study group, do the things that create collective support — because we are in this together. 

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